About Us


Respect for human rights begins with the fetal rights. The defence of human rights is the prerequisite of the respect to human and human dignity.


Human rights include a holistic philosophy for the rights of children and adults. Human rights discourse is about the kind of world we want to live in.

In today’s world, despite the fact that human rights are a widespread, well-known and brilliant concept, the transformation of the world system we live into an inextricable spiral is mainly due to having the self-centred, egocentric, sovereign relations not prioritizing the ‘ well-being of human’. Human rights, which have always been procrastinated from past to present, are a multi-component, critical and problematic area of ​​modern civilization.


The issue of human rights cannot be limited to the approach of a single civilization, nor can the solution be reduced to the understanding of the superiority of one.


Human rights are the accumulation and wealth of all human history. Despite the family traditions and all kinds of social differences, the issue of unravelling the human rights problems might only be accomplished with a common understanding that all cultures and civilizations could dwell on collaboratively with great intention and optimum care as a mutual problem of modern civilization.


Regarding the interpretation of human rights, besides the culture and values of civilization, basics ​​such as language, belief, morality, justice/ law, goodness, truthfulness, beauty / aesthetics are also untouchable rights. Due to ‘respect to societies’, differences and diversity are not a matter of discussion. The existence of different civilizations is not an obstacle preventing the unity of world history. Humankind ‘being able to live in the same world with dignity’ is only possible by contributing to the solution of human rights problems including each and every culture and civilization.


Every child problem is a family-adult problem as well as a society-state and world problem with all its components. Human rights approach will remain within the boundaries of discourse only, as is the case today, unless the child/human rights area is directed through a human-oriented solution, without child-adult distinction.


The prerequisite of solving the problems reaching us all today throughout the history of humanity as well as arising from today’s world system is to be a party to the ‘human’ handling children and adults indiscriminately. The thing that killed ‘man’ throughout the ages is apathetic ‘silence’ of the non-parties.


The continuing colonial stance of the current global system based on the absolute law of the power and the dysfunction of the United Nations Organization necessitates the emergence of new organizations for humanity. In the face of the human rights violations encountered by the whole world, the need for a new language and a new discourse has emerged on the basis of human rights law. On the basis of the Universal Human Rights Grammar and Human Rights Law, the accumulation of human civilization, violations of rights and liberties in humanity cannot be prevented unless the state of law and participatory democracy processes are reinvigorated.


The essential characteristic of being human lies in defending ‘human’ and beautifying the world for the well-being of humanity. For the journey for the good of all mankind could only be possible by defending the ‘human’ and bringing the human to the key position for the hope, peace and welfare.


Whereas the discourse of hope is not desperation, due to the crisis of humanity, hope is grown.  As the goodwill ambassadors of the Human Defence Line prepare the environment to bring the hearts of people closer, humanity will be able to reach a new stage with the blossoming of fundamental rights and freedoms, justice and solidarity, love and brotherhood, hope and peace.



The primary purpose of the Human Defence Line is to defend ‘human’ and ‘human dignity’, without child/adult distinction and any precondition.


Basic Principles

  1. The participant agrees to be a party to ‘human’ without any prerequisites.
  2. To become a natural member of Humanity Defence Line, respecting human dignity is a sufficient condition.
  3. It works on the basis of justice regardless of language, race, gender, belief, social and economic status, culture, civilization and geography, for all people who are deprived of their fundamental rights and freedoms and who are exposed to violations of rights.
  4. In the face of violations of rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Council of Europe Convention and all international human rights law documents are accepted as main guidelines of the advocacy journey.
  5. The Humanitarian Defence Line is open to anyone who wishes to support voluntarily, provided it complies with its objectives and basic principles.


Fields of Activity

Humanity Defence Line performs activities not limited to

  • Spokesperson and advocacy for human rights
  • Voicing those exposed to mass infringement worldwide
  • Determining attitude against violations of rights
  • Reporting studies
  • Mediation studies



The work conducted by the Humanitarian Defence Line is carried out by volunteer country representatives advocating for human rights.




Human Defence Line Proposal

The core idea of the Humanity Defence Line was proposed by the Children’s Foundation ( in 2019; the secretariat of the movement is carried out through the website and social media managed by the Children’s Foundation and it is a human rights movement that performs human rights duties.